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Cinco de Queso

The fun day of Cinco de Mayo is a long-standing festive day! But what is Cinco de Mayo and why do people celebrate? Dating back to 1862, May 5 is observed as the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French ... Read It

Let the Madness Begin

Calling all sports fans – young and old alike – it is that time of year where madness reigns supreme, March Madness that is! Regardless of if you like basketball or not, it’s hard not to get caught up in the ... Read It

Shamrocks and Shenanigans with Gordo’s

The month of March brings plenty of time to gather with friends and family. Whether you are Irish and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or preparing for the fun of March Madness, Gordo’s is a great companion to take along for ... Read It

Super ‘Super Bowl’ Foods

It’s all set! The Los Angeles Rams vs the Cincinnati Bengals, what a game this will be! Regardless of if you are cheering for the young QB Burrow to lead his team of Bengals who haven’t been Super Bowl-bound in 30 ... Read It

Let The Games Begin

Let’s start the new year off right! So many people start off thinking of eating “right” and counting this and watching that- it’s enough to drive a sane person crazy! But did you know not only is Gordo’s Cheese Dip ... Read It

Melting Old Traditions with New

As this year comes to a close with several weeks of festivities and the all-important gatherings that we were not able to have last year, we get ever closer to that magical day of family, laughter, and cheer. You may ... Read It

Gordo’s is Making Spirits Bright

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, having kicked off the holiday season you may be thinking, “what’s next?” The tree is up and decorated with treasures from years past, the smell of pine and cedar wafting through the house. Having ... Read It

Thanksgiving 2021 Is Getting A Little Cheesy!

Thanksgiving is almost here! After all that has happened since the start of 2020, we are all looking forward to a normal (or at least semi-normal) Thanksgiving! By this point, we are tired of our “tried and true” recipes and ... Read It

10 Easy, Cheesy Queso Recipes

In queso you didn’t know, it’s National Queso Day! Time to celebrate the only way we know how, with lots of Gordo’s Dips! So we’ve compiled our favorite easy, cheesy queso recipes for you to celebrate! From a classic queso recipe ... Read It

Cheesy Twists on Labor Day Cookout Classics

Labor Day quickly approaches and we’re ready for some good Labor Day cookouts! And what would we even be doing if not adding a cheesy twist to things! So let’s dive into our take on Labor Day Cookout Classics!   ... Read It

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