Gordo’s Cheese Dip Testimonials

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Everyday is a Gordos day!!!!! In my opinion!!!

Cindy H.

This stuff is amazing it’s like a cheesy drug. I could buy this stuff in the gallons.

Tawana J.

Gordo’s Dips are amazing!

Adams Flo M.

My 3 Year Old is very picky eater. She loves loves loves this cheese. Taste great !

Jessica C.

It sells like CRAZY! You’re cheese is awesome! keep up the good work!

Satisfied customer.

R. Bolton

Gordo’s Cheese Dips are like an aphrodisiac, all the girls love me when I have it at my party.

A Happy Customer
I love y’alls cheese dip. It takes me back to the feel of being at a mexican restaurant.
Olivia A.

Hey guys — I have been looking for years for this cheese dip… to the point of going out to a specific Mexican Restaurant here in Lexington just to order their cheese and chips. Our Kroger doesn’t seem to carry the plain version of the dip (or they are always out?), but the mild and hot are great.