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10 Easy, Cheesy Queso Recipes

In queso you didn’t know, it’s National Queso Day! Time to celebrate the only way we know how, with lots of Gordo’s Dips! So we’ve compiled our favorite easy, cheesy queso recipes for you to celebrate! From a classic queso recipe ... Read It

Keto vs Whole 30

Fad diets, we’ve all tried them and there’s new ones popping up all the time. Before Keto and Whole 30, there was the Paleo diet. Let us not forget the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight ... Read It

Racing … To the Crock Pot

For whatever reason, each time Chef Gordo sees a NASCAR race, he hears “Push It To the Limit”. Walk along the razor’s edge, don’t look back just keep your head, LIMIT!!!!! Seasoned googlers or major 80s music fans will know ... Read It

Super Bowl Sunday!

Chef Gordo here, An Atlanta native and a Falcons fan, I am still recovering from Super Bowl LI, but I begrudge no one an excellent Super Bowl party. Yes, old Chef Gordo enjoys watching the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New ... Read It

Food, Family, and the Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July is fast approaching, we are gearing up to celebrate our countries independence with everything red, white, and blue! We have had 241 wonderful years as an independent country and have been celebrating ever since. So fire ... Read It

We put cheese dip in a cake and magic happened

Chef Gordo here! Here is a recipe that has been floating around our website and social media for ages but I have never had to pleasure to try myself (and honestly I was a little worried about this one). A ... Read It

The College Football Championship, Mayan calendar, Fiscal Cliff and Gordo’s Cheese Dip

Happy New Year cheese lovers! As 2012 wound down to its inexorable conclusion, I was reminded of the iconic line from a song by the rock group The Grateful Dead: What a long, strange trip it’s been! We were busy, ... Read It


Georgia has been named as the home of the nation’s #1 party school.  Georgia is also the home of delicious Gordo’s Cheese Dip.  Coincidence?  WE THINK NOT!!! ... Read It


July 13th, is a special day.  A day to celebrate something near and dear to my heart – FRENCH FRIES!  Some like them fried light and some like them fried dark, but just about everybody loves french fries. It is ... Read It


Can you guess the second largest commodity sold in the world?  The first is oil, the second is COFFEE, with worldwide sales of $55 billion.  Coffee is the world’s second most popular drink, after water. Prices for a pound of coffee bought ... Read It

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