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Gordo’s Cheese Dip

If you order queso dip every time you go to a Mexican restaurant, YOU are at the right place! If you snack on tortilla chips at home and begrudgingly crunch down on plain chips and wonder….why can’t I have the same queso dip at home? YOU are at the right place!

There’s a reason why you love that queso dip at the restaurant. It is likely being made with Gordo’s Queso Blanco! The recipe for our queso dip was created by Charley Sweat in Atlanta, Georgia. It was his desire to make restaurant quality cheese dip for grocery shoppers to enjoy at home. Gordo’s Cheese Dip was born and it’s been a fiesta every day since!

What does Fiesta Every Day mean to us?
At Gordo’s, the way we define fiesta is to celebrate every day. Heck yeah, we love enjoying the big game, tailgates and bbqs, but we think the real secret of life is celebrating and enjoying the everyday. Chillin’ by yourself or hanging out with friends or family, along with warmed queso, chips and a playful vibe.

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I love y’alls cheese dip. It takes me back to the feel of being at a mexican restaurant.
Olivia A.