We Have a Winner

The voting is completed and the winner of the 2014 Gordo’s Cheese Dip Ultimate Tailgater contest is Florida State University super-fan, Paul Mitchell! Paul’s unbridled, infectious enthusiasm won him this coveted title but, in a Christmas-season twist that even Charles Dickens could not have made up, he used his winnings to support research for a deadly disease which affects kids.

This guy has a lot more than football spirit. He’s got a heart as big as one of those Florida State linemen!

More on Paul’s Christmas gift to the kids later.

“It was a big day when I got the email that said I had won the Gordo’s Ultimate Tailgater contest,” Paul said on a radio interview. “Although it was not quite as big as the next email I got which said the Florida State Seminoles were one of four teams to go the College Football Playoff ™ series!”

Paul’s favorite team will be joining the Oregon Ducks, Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes in the first ever tournament to determine the best team in college football.

A Legendary Party

Paul’s tailgates, held at every Florida State home game, have become legendary.

“It started out as a small tailgate and then turned into a big BIG one,” he noted. “Now, on any given game there are 1,000 to 1,100 people showing up!”

“The Gordo’s crew came to our tailgate at the Notre Dame game this year,” Paul said. “And, yes…we did have a big time!”


If you’d like to see the video of Paul Mitchell’s award-winning (need we add “Ultimate”) tailgate party, just CLICK HERE to watch.

You just can imagine how many containers of delicious Gordo’s Cheese Dip this bunch goes through!


Paul Won, but Kidz 1st  Fund Gets the Prize

When Jimbo Fisher became the head coach of the FSU football team, the entire city of Tallahassee welcomed his family. Unfortunately, coach Fisher’s son, Ethan, contracted a rare disease called Fanconi Anemia. This motivated Jimbo and his wife Cindi to began fighting for their son’s life. In the process, the fans of FSU, including the 2014 Gordo’s Ultimate Tailgater, joined in the fight.

“Only about 45 kids in the U.S. have this disease,” said Paul Mitchell. “As a result there’s not a lot of attention and research being done to defeat this disease. FSU fans decided we would do something about this and we started raising funds.”

According to the organization’s website:

Kidz1stFund provides support to families affected by Fanconi Anemia, provides education and awareness about this disease, and raises money for Fanconi anemia research with the goal of finding a cure.

Where the Money Goes?

Kidz1stFund began in 2011 by Jimbo and Candi Fisher to raise awareness and funds for Fanconi anemia research in the hopes of finding a cure for their son and the thousands of other FA patients.

The Fund provides support to families affected by Fanconi anemia, provides education to raise awareness about this disease and raises money for Fanconi anemia research at the Fanconi Anemia Comprehensive Care Program at the University of Minnesota, the single largest treatment center for patients with Fanconi anemia in the country.

Kidz1stFund’s ultimate goal is not a dollar figure. It is a cure, so that Ethan and other kids with Fanconi anemia may lead full, happy lives.

Paul Mitchell Shows His True Spirit…of Giving

When I got the word from Gordo’s that I had won the Ultimate Tailgater contest, I asked them if we could do something special with the winnings,” Paul said. “My prize was to be round-trip tickets and game tickets for two to the bowl of my choice.”

I asked them if they could calculate what this prize was worth, in dollars and cents, and make out a check for that amount to the Kidz 1st Fund to fight Fanconi Anemia,” he said. “Gordo’s loved the idea and they made a donation in my name to the fund for $3,000!”

If you would like to join the 2014 Gordo’s Cheese Dip Ultimate Tailgater in helping to fight this debilitating disease, JUST CLICK HERE to donate now.

To date, Paul and his fellow FSU fans have raised more than $3 million for the Kidz 1st Fund.

For everyone who entered the 2014 Gordo’s Ultimate Tailgater Contest and all that took the time to cast their online votes for these football party animals, THANK YOU!  

If you would like to see some of the craziness of the 2014 Tailgater Contest, JUST CLICK HERE.

To Paul Mitchell and his thousands of friends, congratulations on winning and may you be the example to others about what the college football and Christmas spirit really means.

Merry Christmas from the Gordo’s family to yours!

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