Use Gordo’s Cheese Dip to Kick Up Your Labor Day Weekend BBQ

Gordo's Cheese Dip CouponLabor Day Weekend is happening in 3 short days… are you ready?! Of course, if you’re like most of us in this country, you’re likely celebrating the end of summer, one last hurrah, school starting, and family/friend togetherness — not the true, originally intended celebration of Labor Day (read about it — interesting stuff!). A day off of work is something to get excited about! With barbecues firing up around the U.S. this weekend, we wanted to share with you some simple, helpful, and tasty ways to use Gordo’s Cheese Dip in your cook out fixins. And just because our readers are our favorites, we’re also sharing with you this $1 off of Gordo’s coupon! Click it, print it, and use it!

5 Tips for Adding Gordo’s to Your Grill

Easy Cheeseburgers – Grilled cheeseburgers are delicious! But don’t you just hate it when you forget the cheese until you’ve taken the burgers off the grill, or worse — leave the cheese slices sitting out in the heat too long and now they’re a gooey mess?  Gordo’s Cheese Dip can easily (and taste-ily) solve that problem! Use any flavor of heated up Gordo’s to pour a spoonful on a juicy grilled burger. Perfectly melted cheese every time — even for guests who show up late and decide they want cheese on their burger after they’ve been cooked!

Sausage Dipping Sauce – There’s nothing like a good brat on the grill. Add it to a toastie bun, some kraut and onions, and… Gordo’s Cheese Dip! You’ll kick up your brats like never before!

Chili Cheese Dogs – It’s never too early in the season for chili, especially if it’s for a chili dog! Gordo’s Cheese Dip works as the perfect addition to a nice, grilled hot dog topped with your favorite chili recipe (we won’t tell anyone if it’s just Hormel). Keep it low key with original Gordo’s Cheese Dip, or spice it up with our hot jalapeno flavor.

Chicken & Steak Philly – If you have plans to grill up a ribeye or chicken breasts to make Philly sandwiches, you’re going to need cheese sauce. Gordo’s Cheese Dip is ideal for a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Melts easily, tastes amazing, and you can customize the flavor. How about a southwest Chicken Philly cheese steak sandwich with our Gordo’s Cheese ‘n Chipotle? Yeah, we thought so.

Grilled Chicken ‘n Cheese – Grilled chicken smothered with Gordo’s Cheese Dip, topped off with two pieces of thick, crispy bacon? Yes, please! Whether you’re grilling chicken wings, chicken breasts, or a whole chicken, Gordo’s can give your chicken that extra zing it deserves.

No matter what you choose to make, Gordo’s Cheese Dip can help you have the best BBQ in the neighborhood. Of course, even the best barbecue won’t compete with the celebration Tom Brady will be having this weekend. But that’s a topic better saved for another post.

Happy Labor Day!

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