There’s Still Time to Win

Even though time is quickly running out, deer hunters and country music fans still have a chance to win an all-expenses-paid dream hunt sponsored by Gordo’s Cheese Dip. Country music legend Lorrie Morgan and her very talented son, Jesse Keith Whitley will join the three hosts from Huntin’ is Good TV on a hunt for whitetail deer in one of three prime locations in the U.S.

In a recent interview, Lorrie Morgan said, “We’re so excited about this trip! Jesse and I love the Huntin’ is Good guys and we can’t wait to get in the field with them and the winner of the Gordo’s dream hunt.”

Lorrie and Jesse are a part of three generations of country music royalty. She is the daughter of long-time Grand Ole Opry performer George Morgan and she has enough gold records and music accolades to fill a good-sized deer blind. Jesse Keith Whitley, the son of Lorrie and her late husband Keith Whitley, has just begun his career in music and has already amassed a large group of fans. They are both avid hunters.

Anyone, 18-years and older can enter the Gordo’s Cheese Dip Ultimate Hunting Sweepstakes by simply visiting the Gordo’s website, clicking on the “Win a Dream Hunt” icon and registering. There is no purchase necessary and the winner will be announced in January 2014. The hunt will take place during whitetail deer season in the fall and winter of that year.

One of the three hosts of the Huntin’ is Good TV show (seen on the Pursuit Channel) Steve Nichols explained a little twist on this Gordo’s Ultimate Hunt sweepstakes. He said, “It’s a little different than a lot of trips someone could win. In addition to hunting with us, Lorrie and Jesse and having the hunt broadcast on our show, the winner will actually get to choose where they want to go for the hunt. They can choose between hunting in Wisconsin, Ohio or Texas. A lot of us who grew up in the South dreamed about hunting in Texas and if that’s your dream, we’ll go to Texas. Wisconsin is still the number one state for Boone & Crockett entries and if you want to go after one of those giant bucks and you win, we’ll be going to Wisconsin.”

Anyone who has ever heard Lorrie or Jesse sing can look forward to some special memories around the campfire of this dream hunt. She noted, “We’ll have a blast! We’ll also take our guitars and sing a little bit at night.”

Time is running out on this Gordo’s Cheese Dip Ultimate Hunt Sweepstakes. In the words of one of Lorrie Morgan’s big hits, “You’ve got five minutes to figure it out!” While there may be more than five minutes left, the time to register is quickly coming to a close, so click HERE to register now.

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