The Real Taste of Old Mexico

What’s the best part of going to an authentic Mexican restaurant? Well, for my taste buds it’s the queso dip. Your’s truly, The Big Dipper has been known to eat an entire bowl of this creamy, steamy, yellow nectar of the god’s. If you feel the same way, here’s some great news.

Gordo’s Queso Dip Yellow is now available from Gordo’s Cheese Dip at selected grocery retailers! It makes the heart flutter and the taste buds stand at attention! The addition of Gordo’s Queso Dip Yellow makes 6 delicious cheese dip products made by one of the nation’s best known cheese dip producer: Gordo’s Cheese Dip.

Mexican food aficionados and cheese dip lovers will agree that Gordo’s Queso Dip Yellow is the best thing that’s ever happened to dinner time. The rich, creamy texture of the Gordo’s Queso Dip is just part of the reason for the dip’s popularity. Since every Gordo’s cheese dip is made from 100 percent real cheese, has no trans-fat and is gluten-free, it’s healthy and the taste is so good…it’s addictive!

Every Gordo’s Cheese dip can be added to favorite recipes that call for cheese, making for a completely different gastronomical experience. Gordo’s Queso Yellow Dip is no exception to this rule.

Picky eaters will have no hesitation eating their steamed vegetables when the Gordo’s is drizzled over them. Dipping fresh fruit in Gordo’s Queso Yellow makes for a delicious surprise. Hot sandwiches become a Taste Event when Gordo’s Queso Yellow dip is added to the mix. Even a simple snack of chips and dip becomes epic when the dip is Gordo’s Queso Yellow.

A wide range of recipes which move the scrumptious meter to 11 is available on the Gordo’s Cheese Dip website.

Here are a few that are most popular.


Gordo’s Queso Yellow Dip is made in the USA by a family-owned enterprise. Since 1973, the Kachwa Food Group has produced quality cheese products for the growing Mexican food industry. The company has earned accolades by concentrating on quality, freshness and flavor. The Kachwa Food Group is responsible for supplying many foods for national foodservice warehouses. It also makes Gordo’s ® the authentic Mexican restaurant style cheese dip for national retailers.


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Gordo’s Queso Yellow dip is not just good. It’s muy bueno!


Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons 1950’s Unlimited

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