Let’s Post a Selfie

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, and with 1.3 billion active monthly users, you’ve likely visited this little social network site once or twice, you have seen dozens, even hundreds of “selfies.” These are photographs that people take of themselves, usually via their mobile phone, and post them on their Facebook page.

Some of these selfies are fun, most are silly and, if a recent scholarly study is to be believed, some are posted by psychopaths.

Yep. Psychopaths. Particularly if they are men.

As a public service, Gordo’s Cheese Dip wants to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening now by making sure you don’t hang out with the wrong type of person. We also want to keep your fingers wrapped around a corn chip, which is being dipped into a delicious bowl of any of the six Gordo’s flavors! More on this later.

Be Careful Around Guys Posting Selfies!

According to several online news services, including this one from international site, RT.com, an Ohio State University research team surveyed 800 men from 18 to 40, asking them to describe their photo posting habits. The men also had to complete questionnaires about anti-social behavior.

Those survey participants who confessed to posting more online images of themselves scored higher than the rest on scales of anti-social traits, including narcissism, psychopathy and self-objectification (valuing appearance above all else).

The more interesting finding is that they also score higher on this other anti-social personality trait, psychopathy, and are more prone to self-objectification.”


They were looking not only into how often men post selfies, but also into how exactly they are doing it – with or without editing.

That makes sense because psychopathy is characterized by impulsivity. They are going to snap the photos and put them online right away. They want to see themselves. They don’t want to spend time editing,” (the lead researcher) Dr.Fox said.

Self-objectification – being too much concerned with one’s looks – is mostly considered a female issue. Selfie-posting men, however, seem to be joining the club.

The researcher has promised a follow-up study focusing on women. She expects similar results to those in the male part of the study, but a still higher degree of self-objectification among female selfie-addicts.

Some Selfies are Safe…Even Tasty

Take this one.

Or this one.

This one is nice.


What do those smarty-pants researchers at Ohio State think of these Gordo’s selfies? Our guess…they love ’em just as much as we do.

The take-away (Note: there must always be a “takeaway” in science lessons!) from this scientific experiment is this:

Selfies without Gordo’s = Bad 

Selfies WITH Gordo’s = Good!

See how simple this stuff is?

So, the next time you feel the urge to take a picture of yourself, make sure you include some Gordo’s Cheese Dip in the shot. Say you want to post a photo of yourself eating a hotdog at the baseball game. Just make darn sure you have some Gordo’s drizzled on top of the frank. If you want to take a selfie of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, be sure a giant dollop of Gordo’s is on your respective noses or chins.

If we’re clear on this, let’s get some more Gordos-selfies. What d’ya say?


Photo credits

First Selfie: By The Big Dipper His Ownself

Second Selfie: By Maxime Raphael Flickr Creative Commons


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