How to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Watch the Masters

Tomorrow is the start of a much-anticipated 2015 Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA. If you’re like most of us, you’ll enjoy the Masters from the comfort of your living room. Tournament badges are a little more difficult to come by, though something everyone should do before they die, according to some. But if you’re a huge golf fan as well as a parent of younger children, you may find yourself in a conundrum: wanting to watch the Masters vs. wanting to watch the Masters in peace. Now, maybe you’re lucky and your kids are golf fans, too. In that case, let them pull up a chair, er, seat on the couch and enjoy some good ole’ fashioned family screen time. But for the rest of you, fear not: Gordo’s has come up with the ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Kids Entertained While Viewing the Masters.

  1. Grandma’s house. Tried and true, this is one Masters pairing you can count on. Unless of course, Grandma is a golf fan too, or lives 1,200 miles away. Send little junior(s) packing so you can sit back and enjoy the game.
  2. Feed them. Kids are happy when they’re eating, and kids are quiet when they mouths are full.  Gordo’s Cheese Dip is simple to make and always kid-friendly (a few minutes in the microwave = hot and delicious queso over nachos). This is one shot you can be sure to hit.
  3. DIY putting tournament. It’s no August National, but snag a green jacket at the thrift store to award the winner and your kids can have a Masters tournament of their own! An empty Gordo’s Cheese Dip container works perfectly for the golf holes. One word of caution, however: real clubs and golf balls do not always mix well with unattended children.
  4. Play the quiet game. First one to talk cleans the house. Second one to talk mows the lawn. Third one pressure washes the driveway… and so on. It’s kind of like the qualifying rounds that will take place later this week, only YOU win.
  5. Invite friends with kids. Best scenario is that their kids play with your kids, so try and match ages as best as possible. And have lots of snacks on hand (see #2), including plenty of Gordo’s Cheese Dip.
  6. Let them be bored. Outside. With the doors locked. With the TV volume on high. Seriously though, after a few minutes of complaining, most kids who are “bored” find something to entertain themselves. Consider this a way to improve their handicap in the game of life.
  7. DVR. When all else fails, short of locking yourself in a room while your kids scream on the other side of the door (we don’t recommend this), watch the Masters on your own time, when your kids are asleep. As a parent, this is really the only way you can guarantee a peaceful viewing of the nail-biting final round.

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