Graduation – Doing It Right at Any Age & Grade

Throughout May and June, hundreds of thousands of graduates will make the famous walk down the aisle, across the stage, likely to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance. The end of spring and beginning of summer marks not only a transition of seasons in nature, but a transition of seasons for many people who have spent time, effort (and usually a few bucks) working to achieve a valuable certificate of achievement, aka the diploma. Whether you’re planning to participate in or attend a graduation in the next few weeks, and whether it’s a preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, masters, graduate, or doctorate graduation, Gordo’s has a few tips on how to savor the moment and celebrate in style. Because we all know that the second best thing about graduating is the graduation party.


Preschool Graduation & Kindergarten Graduation

Yes, these are real events. Even the little ones get wrapped up in the graduation ceremony hullabaloo this time of year. Or, perhaps we should say it’s the parents. Because really, kids this age are doing little more than Playdoh sculpting and monkey bar climbing (fine, they’re learning to read too).

Participating in the Event

Truthfully, unless you’re in the super duper advanced reading group, you’re not reading this post. So, just show up, keep your fingers out of your nose, and stand where the teachers tell you.

Celebrating the Event

Caution: this is your little one’s first experience with a graduation party. Whatever you do now will set the stage for years to come. Renting out the Chuck E Cheese now (or planning this kind of party) may have Junior expecting a private cruise for 100 of his closest buds come senior year. Keep the celebrations simple for this age group – they’ll likely be tired after the graduation ceremony, so plan to keep a party low key and short. Or, plan it on a separate day. Something like a park picnic would be ideal. Getting out their energy after standing still for so long on the risers is important for 4 and 5 year olds!


Elementary School Graduation & Middle School Graduation

As kids advance in school, hitting the top grades in their school will feel like a big deal, as will the transition from being “on top” to being on the bottom of the totem pole when they start school the following August! So yes, elementary school graduation may seem like overkill, but it is important for your child.

Participating in the Event

If you’ve landed on the Gordo’s Cheese Dip website, let me just say this: YOU ARE AWESOME. As for graduation advice: enjoy it, buddy! You’ve worked hard these last few years and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Enjoy the day, take a few selfies, and if you get lucky, you’ll not only score some cake but a few cards with money inside, too!

Celebrating the Event

Food & fun are key elements for this age group. Again, though, simple is best. Invite family and friends to your house, plan a special night out for dinner and bowling, or spread out a smorgasbord of chips and Gordo’s cheese dip (What?! Who said that??). With Memorial Day specials coming up, you can purchase extra goodies for your graduation party too! Find simple but noticeable ways of making the celebration special and your graduate will also feel special.


High School Graduation

This marks the first really big graduation event in a child’s life. At this point, they’ve been in school for 12-13 years! High school graduations are expected to be special, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a blow-out party (though it could be, too). Think about your child and their special interests and personality – what would be the best way to celebrate their achievement? (Don’t try hiring Taylor Swift for entertainment though, we hear she’s a little, um, too important.)

Participating in the Event

*Slow clap* You graduated high school. There might have been times you thought you never would, but you DID! Enjoy your day, don’t do anything crazy on stage (seriously, some schools will revoke your diploma for those antics), take lots of pictures, and enjoy the break before some serious studying begins in college (sorry).

Celebrating the Event

It’s customary for many families to hold “open house” parties for high school graduation. The most important ingredient for this kind of event? Food & drinks. Wash, rinse, repeat. Lots of finger foods, dips (like Gordo’s, ahem), dogs & burgers, cake, and a variety of drinks. If you and your family aren’t the party types, opt instead for a nice dinner out or special trip to commemorate the occasion.


College Graduation, Graduate School & Beyond

This is big time, folks. And despite the prospect of piling student loan debt, it’s an exciting time! The future is here, and your grad is likely feeling pumped (and a tiny bit terrified). Celebrating college or grad school graduation often looks a little different than earlier years, as it should. Here are some thoughts.

Participating in the Event

What what. You’re graduating college! And to think no one thought you’d make it through high school – you showed them! The memories and experience from college will stick with you for a lifetime. Make sure you enjoy your graduation celebration for all that it is and feel proud of how far you’ve come. And then promptly go home and start prepping for job interviews.

Celebrating the Event

Most college grads celebrate by going out for a nice dinner with family and friends. Try to pick a restaurant that has enough space for a large party (reservations are important) – if you can snag a private room, even better! Be sure to craft a nice, simple toast for the grad, and be prepared to pay the bill (graduation dinners aren’t typically a split-the-bill kind of affair).


Looking for more graduation inspiration, with recipe ideas, décor ideas, and gift ideas? Check out the Gordo’s Graduation Time Pinterest board!

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