Get Ready for Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving feast in America was reportedly held in Plymouth, Massachusetts after the harvest was completed by the newly arrived Pilgrims in 1621. While the facts about this event are sketchy – unfortunately there was no Facebook back then to allow the attendees to post pictures of their food and to tag names of the attendees – it appears that a good time was had by all.

Legend has it that the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims to catch fish and grow corn after their poor travel planning led to their empty food larders. In return for this assistance, 53 Pilgrims invited 90 Native Americans over for a three-day Thanksgiving feast.

Since only one of the Indians – Squanto, a Patuxent Native American who resided with the Wampanoag tribe – could speak English, it probably made for some hilarious, gesture-filled discussions. However, once the wild turkey, potatoes and corn was served up, nobody talked much anyway. They were too busy chowing down. This is, of course, exactly how it is with modern-day Thanksgiving dinners!

Aside from the language challenge, the first Thanksgiving had the same problem our current day feasts have. That time between when breakfast is served and the turkey is ready is one, large black hole of hunger. The Pilgrims and Native Americans had to deal with it and so do we.

Fortunately, Gordo’s Cheese Dip has come up with the answer to this perplexing Thanksgiving challenge and if this delicious cheese dip had been around in 1621, everything would be different.  All that “maize” we always hear so much about would have been ground and fried into corn chips because there is nothing better than chips and Gordo’s. The pre-feast time would be filled with delicious snacks made great by Gordo’s Cheese dip! 

This Tray is no Turkey 

The best way to allay the hunger of your guests, as they smell your Thanksgiving feast cooking in the kitchen, is to pull together some easy-to-prepare snacks that serve as appetizers for the main event. Gordo’s Cheese Dip – any one of the 6 flavors – is the perfect addition to these snacks. In fact, Gordo’s is critical to this pre-feast hunger busting.

The easiest way to give your family and guests something to do with their mouths while you’re working your magic in the kitchen is to put out a raw vegetable tray and large bowls of Gordo’s Cheese Dip. However, don’t forget: it’s Thanksgiving! Therefore, the veggie tray needs to look something like that one we have posted at the top of this blog.

This turkey/vegetable tray has almost every raw, but very much edible, vegetable you can imagine. You’ll notice carrots, sweet peppers (red, yellow and green), onions, celery, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, all on a bed of lettuce. The only great vegetables left off of this brilliant design are broccoli and cauliflower. Who doesn’t love cauliflower and broccoli dipped in Gordo’s Cheese Dip? Maybe you can incorporate these two veggies in your turkey vegetable tray design.

More Great Appetizers 

There are many other appetizers that incorporate Gordo’s Cheese Dip. Here are some great snacks that don’t take much time to prepare, but will fill that black hole of hunger while you family and guests watch a football game and wait for the turkey to cook.

How about some of these ideas?

Easy Cheesy

The easiest, and most would say the tastiest, Thanksgiving appetizer is putting out all 6 flavors of Gordo’s Cheese dip on a turkey-themed display and surround it with every kind of corn chip you can find. As noted above, if the Native American’s had known about Gordo’s, they would have taken that “maize” that everyone liked so much and turned them into corn chips for dipping.

With these ideas, your family and friends will survive the pre-feast hunger and be ready for the main-event when you’re ready to serve it. All your friends at Gordo’s Cheese Dip wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for our employees, our retail partners and most of all you, our customers. Now, let’s eat!


Photos from Flickr Creative Commons and Gordo’s Library

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