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Keto vs Whole 30

Fad diets, we’ve all tried them and there’s new ones popping up all the time. Before Keto and Whole 30, there was the Paleo diet. Let us not forget the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight ... Read It

Food, Family, and the Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July is fast approaching, we are gearing up to celebrate our countries independence with everything red, white, and blue! We have had 241 wonderful years as an independent country and have been celebrating ever since. So fire ... Read It

Healthy After Holidays

Once the holiday season has ended and everything has settled down, we begin the season of New Year’s resolutions. Now why we all think that the New Year is the best time to change our habits and start new things, ... Read It

Summer Nosh Done Light – Veggie Recipes Everyone Can Appreciate

Summer is upon us, folks. And though it’s not technically in full swing (waiting patiently for the official start of summer on June 21), in the Southeast, many schools are out and the heat has arrived. With summer comes an ... Read It

Let’s Post a Selfie

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, and with 1.3 billion active monthly users, you’ve likely visited this little social network site once or twice, you have seen dozens, even hundreds of “selfies.” These are photographs that people take of ... Read It

The Top Ten Food Groups for American Families

  What are you and your family eating more of these days than you were ten years ago? If you’re like the most of the rest of the United States,your taste buds are tingling from more yogurt, pizza and chicken ... Read It

OMG It’s a Cheese Dip Emergency

  While they’re not rioting in the streets…yet, there is much talk and deep concern about a shortage of a certain processed cheese brand. This fact, coupled with the impending cheese dip demand which occurs every Super Bowl Sunday, has forced ... Read It

Get Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

Traditionally, the Memorial Day long weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. There are so many things going on that sometimes we forget what Memorial Day is all about. More on that later. This time of year can drive you ... Read It

Summer Survival

Just look outside. That beautiful sunny day is what we were longing for back in December when it was 25 degrees and snowing. It won’t be long before those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer will be upon us and ... Read It

Happy Valentines From Gordo’s

One of the best reason’s to give a big smooch to your sweetheart is in celebration of Valentine’s Day and Gordo’s Cheese Dip has a few thoughts on the matter. Most people have a vague understanding of the history and ... Read It

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