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Gordo’s Big Dip Trip on the Road!

Hey all! We wanted to give you a little update on the Gordo’s Big Trip. If you’re been following us on social media you know we’ve been on quite the adventure. Morgan and I (hey, I’m Nicole) have been driving ... Read It

“Nacos” & “Tacodilla” Recipes from Chef Adam Pritchett of St. Louis Hotspot ‘Hi-Pointe Drive In’

Well cheese dippers, the ‘Big Dipper’ cheese dip sampling truck, has been making its way around the country and we were lucky enough to have one of the hottest chefs in St. Louis come SCHOOL us on some unique recipes! ... Read It

7 Layer Tacodilla 

INGREDIENTS: 7 Fried Corn Tortillas 1 12in Flour Tortilla 6oz Hot Gordo’s Cheese Dip 8oz Guacamole 8oz Taco Meat Shredded Lettuce 6oz Shredded Cheese Pico de gallo or tomatoes or Gordo’s salsa, your choice! You know what our favorite is… ... Read It


INGREDIENTS: 1 Gordos Mild Cheese Dip 1 Gordos Salsa 8oz Cooked Ground Chorizo Shredded Lettuce Shredded Cheese Bacon Bits 8oz Pico De Gallo Guacamole 15-20 Mini Tacos And whatever else you want … HOW TO PREPARE: Mix chorizo and half ... Read It

Gordo’s Big Dip Trip at Evansville Otter’s

We had a blast with the Evansville Otters! Check out the nacho eating contest that went down! Fun fact(s): 🔸Bosse Field is the 3rd oldest baseball stadium still standing. 🔸The movie “A League Of Their Own” was filmed here!  🔸This ... Read It

Gordo’s Big Dip Trip in Memphis

Missed the Beale Street Music Festival?! No worries! Here’s a recap of our time there, jamming to concerts by Luke Combs, Ludacris, Post Malone and more, spreading the cheese dip love by pouring Gordo’s on all the festival foods… we had all the fun and ... Read It

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