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Here are the Sweet Sixteen

  And then there were 16. The best of college basketball for 2014 has come down to an unusual collection of teams. Some, like Florida and Louisville were expected to be here and others like Dayton and Tennessee were not. It ... Read It

March Madness is (Finally) Here

  Here we go again. Normal people who barely passed ninth-grade algebra are casually chatting with friends and co-workers about statistical traits like turnover rates, rebounding percentages, defensive field-goal numbers and (of course) the strength of schedules of college basketball ... Read It

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

  We’re all Irish at least one day a year and that day is coming quicker than you can say Leaping Leprechauns. Actually, since St. Patrick’s Day falls on Monday this year, there will be multiple St. Paddy’s parties beginning on ... Read It

It’s Oscar Party Time

  The Oscars will be awarded Sunday night and it’s fair to say this is a mega-event on the order of the Super Bowl. There will be massive TV ratings, lots of group viewings (Oscar parties), tedious pre-show hype, a long, long broadcast made ... Read It

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