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The power of suggestion should never be underestimated. Want proof? Say, we show you a giant plate of chicken wings – so hot, they’re still steaming – and in the same photo is a large, luscious bowl of Gordo’s Cheese Dip. There’s a good possibility (especially if you happen to be moderately to ravenously hungry) that you will start thinking “Oh my goodness…I MUST have some Gerri’s Mexican Wings and some Gordo’s Cheese Dip!”

This power of suggestion is what this issue of News From the Big Dipper is all about.

There is no better example of the power of suggestion than what happens when one sees another person yawning. When this happens, there is an excellent chance that the witnesses to this yawn will soon be stifling their own versions of this bizarre behavior. This phenomenon begs the questions: Why do we yawn and why are they contagious? An even better question: What the heck does this have to do with Gordo’s Cheese Dip?

All in good time grasshopper.

If you’ve ever had to sit through a few hours of the folks from accounting droning on about the third quarter numbers, you know how strong the urge is to let out a big, gaping yawn. Maybe even one followed by that little sound you can make in the back of your throat and a hearty, satisfied “Ahhh!” You also likely appreciate the urge to throttle the next person who uses the term “counterintuitive” when discussing revenue trends.

People yawn when they’re tired, bored or both.

However, it turns out the yawning is not a complete waste of oxygen. Scientists who study this type of human behavior – they prefer to be called yawnologists – note that the purpose of a yawn is to cool the brain. Inhaling the fresh, cooler air invigorates the brain of the yawner, encouraging it to focus on the matters at hand, including the third quarter numbers and the counter – intuitiveness of it all.

The process of thinking really, really hard also burns some serious calories and ignites a lot of excess heat. The brain gets hot and this stimulates a yawn, or two. The cool air is sucked into the lungs cooling down the blood in the capillaries, increasing heart rate and blood pressure and sending this cool wave to the old noodle.

OK. Yawning cools the brain. We need that. Fine.

So, what makes us want to yawn when we see others yawning? That is another story altogether and one that Charles Darwin would have appreciated.

Other scientists who study the prehistoric lifestyles have theorized that group yawning was actually a trait that enabled these cave-dwelling denizens to survive. When these early humans got tired or bored and nodded off around the campfire, a woolly mammoth could sneak up on them, eat them and there goes the gene pool.

However, if someone yawned, it would show that the person was bored, tired or otherwise underperforming and others in the group (whose yawner genes had been passed on) would also yawn and the entire group’s brains were cooled and made more alert. Natural selection favors members of a species that survive and a yawner would fall into this group.

Basically, yawning is another one of the body’s colorful functions. It’s not unlike crying when sad, blinking when lying or giggling when nervous. While we have invented ways to suggest that we are sorry for being bored – covering one’s mouth with a hand during a yawn is one example. However, yawns are nothing to be ashamed of.

A Cure for Yawning

Since we are currently in the winter doldrums, there are lots of yawns being stifled everywhere. Football season is over. We can’t even go outside without freezing our tush off. TV is dreadful and cabin fever is setting in. As a result, the biological imperative (see above) is to yawn.

There is, however, a cure for this urge to yawn. It’s called excitement.

The middle of a cold winter is a perfect time to try something new and exciting, especially in the area of nightly meals. This is where Gordo’s Cheese Dip can help you overcome the urge to constantly yawn.

Tired of the same ‘ol same ‘ol for dinner? Try one of these recipes from Gordo’s.


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There will be no yawns, I promise. There will likely be a rush of unbridled enthusiasm among the entire family. Just imagine.

You husband or wife will say witty and even fascinating things about science and the arts. They will closely listen while you share – in minute detail – all of the intricacies of your day with them. Your kids will realize that you are really brilliant and begin to appreciate the fact that back in your day…you didn’t have those new-fangled tablets and high tech entertainment “toys.” This newly discovered fascination will result in their wanting to hear about all of the crazy things you did when you were their age!

And it’s all because of Gordo’s Cheese Dip

Stop the Yawning – Grab Some Gordo’s

The next time a yawn creeps up during some waste-of-time presentation at work, it’s best to go with the urge and let out a big, gaping yawn. Then explain to the others in the meeting that you were concentrating so hard on the (insert boring topic here), that you had to cool down your brain. When everyone else sees your yawn and also begins yawning, they can say: “us too!”

However, when you get home, the best way to stop the contagious process of yawning is to grab some Gordo’s and unleash the excitement.



Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Chispita_666