It’s Back to School Time

The Back to School daze can be seen on the faces of most children this time of year. While some kids have already started (and who thought sending kids back to school in August was a good idea?), the rest of them will be putting those cute little noses back on the grindstone in the next couple of weeks. As the picture above suggests, having kids back in school is not necessarily a bad thing – especially if you’re the Mom.

However, this change in the routine, calls for a redeployment of the family’s natural resources. As a public service, your trusted blogger – The Big Dipper – and Gordo’s Cheese Dip have a few tips to make this back to school transition as smooth as a giant bowl of Gordo’s Cheese Dip.

Checklist for Back to School

Successful back to school strategies start where every family endeavor starts – with Mom, or in the case of guys who have taken on the homemaker role, with Dad. These responsibilities are not gender-specific, but they are demanding. So, buckle up that chin strap and get ready for an all-out blitz.

Here’s a checklist for any mother or father who has to get kids ready for the first day of classes.

Two Weeks Before the First Day

  • Buy all of the backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles. In order to save grief later, you might want to discuss the latest “what’s hot and what’s not” in the way of people and things that are popular with kids that are the same age as yours. For example, getting a kid who’s in the second grade a purple backpack with Barney plastered all over will be mortifying to him/her. Check with the kid to see what/who’s hot. When in doubt, get a backpack or water bottle with no licensed characters on them.
  • Take out a second mortgage on your house and get everyone new clothes, shoes, sneakers for school. This is going to be expensive so be prepared. This exercise is another landmine in terms of getting the “fashions” that your kids dig. There’s no way you’re going to determine what cool and what’s dumb without input from the little prince or princess who is going to wear these togs. So, it’s best to do extensive interrogation before hitting the mall.
  • Get all of the school supplies (see second mortgage above) they need
  • Set up what child-rearing experts call a “launch pad” at your house. It should be near a door of the house and consists of baskets or crates for each child’s school-related belongings (caps, gloves, books, backpacks).
  • Start getting the kids back into the bedtime routine. If they’ve gotten accustomed to staying up until all hours, watching questionable TV shows, now is the time to stop all that foolishness.

One Week Before the First Day

  • Get everyone who needs one, a haircut
  • Make a list of the favorite foods for each child to be used in shopping for lunches and snacks. This is a good place to pencil in Gordo’s Cheese Dip because every kid loves it!
  • Buy in bulk. Go to one of those big box retailers or club stores and stock up on non-perishables like juice boxes, napkins, and snack foods. Plus, you can buy many school supplies at these places and save some cash.
  • Get your camera and journal ready to capture the images of your kid’s going off to school!

The Day Before the First Day

  • Pack up all of those school supplies and put them in backpacks
  • Lay out those cute (albeit stiff) new school clothes
  • Set the alarm

Everyone has a tradition (or two) that they have for the first day of school. If you haven’t come up with one yet, you might want to consider taking a picture of your babies in the same place of the house each year. That way you can see how much they’ve changed from year to year.

What’s for Lunch?

Packing a lunch box for your kids doesn’t have to be culinary masterpiece, nor does it have to be boring. Even the youngest kids like a little – but not too much – diversity in foods for school lunches. Here are some tried-and-true foods lunchbox goodies that are both healthy and delicious:

  • Raw vegetables, such as carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and celery with a little container of Gordo’s Cheese Dip (whichever flavor your child loves) for dipping these veggies in is a healthy and great-tasting part of any lunchbox fare.
  • Mini-sandwiches (regular sandwich, cut into quarters) made of chicken, ham, turkey or any other deli meat with some Gordo’s for dipping is also a lunchbox favorite.
  • Low-salt corn chips with Gordo’s for dipping is also a good compliment to any kid’s lunchbox.

If you think you kids would like something more elaborate and you have the time to prepare them, here’s a great lunchbox recipe site to give you some ideas on:

  • Spinach roll-up
  • Easy snack wraps
  • Baked sweet potato sticks
  • Pasta with tomato sauce
  • Corndog muffins
  • Weiner winks

All of these special lunchbox meals go great with Gordo’s Cheese Dip.

Chef Gordo’s Cooking School

While we’re on the subject of school and food, your kids might enjoy a new video series called Chef Gordo’s Cooking School. The Chef is funny (silly, is actually a better word), the kids get to invent their own culinary masterpieces and everybody gets an “A.”

Take a quick look at the trouble Chef Gordo can get into in about 5 minutes! If you like, tell your kids to tune him in on YouTube at this address.

Heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrre’s Chef Gordo. Click here

We hope you and your kids have a fun, productive year. Enjoy every minute of this time because they will be gone before you know it.