Gordo’s Friends

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I was shopping at my local publix (in Palm Beach Gardens, FL). I was strolling through the dairy isle and almost lost when I saw 6 tubs of Gordo’s hot and 6 tubs of mild sitting there on the shelf!! Well, suffice to say that I bought up all of the tubs they had! I am good to go for the time being! I’ve had a few other people check other Publix stores in the area and sure enough, they had Gordo’s Cheese Dip there! Are you guys planning on continuing to supply the South Florida Publix stores with Gordo’s Cheese Dip? I hope to God the answer is yes!

Thanks again for the wonderful product!


My whole family thanks you for the mild cheese dip. We use it with our dinners about once a week. My family just loves it on our chicken or steak.

Thank you again,
-The Knowles Family


Thank you so much for the follow up information. I am very impressed. My family has become the best advertisement you could have for this fabulous cheese dip. All of us have told all of our friends about your cheese dip even when we run in to them at the local Mexican restaurant. We tell them exactly where to find it in our local IGA. We always have 3-4 containers in our refrigerator and your dip and chips are often eaten as lunch, supper, or snack. Thanks again for the info as I do shop at Publix also and I am glad to have a second source for your cheese.

Thanks again for this delicious cheese dip and have a blessed holiday season.
-G. Paschal


Hey guys — I have been looking for years for this cheese dip… to the point of going out to a specific Mexican Restaurant here in Lexington just to order their cheese and chips. Our Kroger doesn’t seem to carry the plain version of the dip (or they are always out?), but the mild and hot are great.

– Paul


I went today to Publix they had the mild and hot versions, I got both. I’ve tried the Mild so far and its excellent. Thanks for all your help!

-M. Wendel


You’ve got to get this in stores around here. I know of only one place that carries it, (Sunnydale meats in Gaffney, SC) and they can’t get it in fast enough! It sells like CRAZY! You’re cheese is awesome! keep up the good work!

Satisfied customer,
-R. Bolton


Thanks, and I did find it last night at the Publix in Locust Grove, GA. I was getting concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to find it. Thanks again for your response and your product. It’s FANTASTIC!

-Danny H.