Classic Mexican Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros

How often do you savor breakfast? I mean, sure, there’s brunch – but that’s a treat, saved for the weekends. During the week, when we’re running (late) to work, there are a few types of people. The Cereal Drones: Easy. Simple. Plain and pretty boring, let’s be real. Cereal Drones dig the routine. The Just Caffine people: Too busy. Too tired before they get that cup of coffee to make anything else. These are the people cracking into their lunches at the office at 10:30. Or perhaps you know a Protein Fanatic? They start the day off with a rasher of bacon, or a couple sausages, maybe a chicken breast. Breakfast becomes routine. We don’t think about it.


Chef Gordo knows all about the breakfast rut. I get busy! Telling the world about our dips on our Big Dip Trip and, y’know, eating my cheese dip. Look, I do lots of things during the day, so breakfast gets boring for me, too. But I also know how to avoid the rut. The recipe I’m about to share will make you love breakfast again. It’ll reignite your old resolution to get up earlier and actually cook a breakfast!


Gordo’s Huevos Rancheros


Huevos rancheros, like many of the best dishes on earth, has humble beginnings. Originally, a favorite of vegetable harvesters, huevos rancheros are now on every fancy Mexican restaurants brunch menu. For good reason! They’re simple, tasty and perk you and your flavor senses right up in the morning. (And they’re quick to make, too.)


Now, a classic huevos rancheros is simple; sauce, egg,  and tortilla, often with beans and guacamole. But who has time to make a sauce in the morning (or for that matter wants to puree anything at 7 am?) So we are cheating a little and subbing out the sauce for a salsa! If you want to go the extra mile (or in this case the original mile) you can find a recipe for the sauce here.





In a skillet over medium heat, fry the tortillas. (Take the word “fry” lightly. The goal is to warm the tortillas, puff em up a bit, but NOT brown them.) Once warmed, wrap the tortillas in foil and set aside. With the heat still on the skillet, pour in the pureed sauce. Simmer until the sauce is a little thicker, about 10 minutes. In a new skillet, fry your eggs! This part I leave up to you. Want em runny? Make em that way. (I prefer runny eggs on my huevos rancheros.) To assemble, start with the tortilla. Then lay on the salsa, egg and some chopped cilantro. Sprinkle with cheese if desired, and of course, if you want to make it extra cheesy top it off with some Gordo’s Cheese Dip! Done – eggs you’ll be proud to eat. And no more boring breakfasts!


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