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Shake Your Tailgate Feathers

  Tailgating has become a cultural phenomenon. While people have been having little parties before and after sporting events for decades, the practice of “tailgating” has only picked up steam in the past few years and now that tailgating train ... Read It

Join Lorrie Morgan for a Dream Hunt

Gordo’s Cheese Dip is headed for the blind again. Deer hunters and country music fans can win a dream hunt with country music legend Lorrie Morgan and her very talented son, Jesse Keith Whitley. The folks at Gordo’s Cheese Dip ... Read It

Let’s Celebrate

It’s time to once again unleash your independent spirit. The 238th annual anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is upon us and it’s time to get out the sparklers, ice down beverages and bring out the Gordo’s Cheese Dip! While ... Read It


Maybe you’ve noticed. The world has gone soccer crazy, as it does every four years when the FIFA World Cup is staged. This phenomenon has occurred since the 1930s, with a brief hiatus for World War II, and this year’s ... Read It

A Band of Brothers is Back

Getting along with your brother can be tricky. Although, it may be less so if you happen to be a girl. However, if you are two boys AND brothers, things can become turbulent pronto. Just ask Dave and Phil Alvin. ... Read It

Celebrating Your MVP: Mom

Great Mother’s Day stories can come from the most unusual places. Such is the case this year. The most heart-warming and reported story about Mom this year comes from the National Basketball Association – more specifically from the Most Valuable ... Read It

Get Ready for Cinco de Mayo

You know what’s great about this year? I’ll tell you what’s great. 2014 Cinco de Mayo falls on Monday! This means we can legitimately begin celebrating this holiday on Friday, continue through to Saturday, glide into Sunday and stumble into ... Read It

Hippity Hoppity

Here comes Peter Cottontail Hoppin’ down the bunny trail, Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way Bringin’ ev’ry girl and boy A basketful of Easter joy Things to make your Easter Bright and gay He’s got jelly beans for Tommy Colored ... Read It

And Then There Were Four

OK, would everyone who picked Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Kentucky for the 2014 Final Four please raise their hands? Everyone? Anybody? Hmmm. We don’t see any hands. How are those brackets that you so confidently completed (in ink, no less) ... Read It

March Madness is (Finally) Here

Here we go again. Normal people who barely passed ninth-grade algebra are casually chatting with friends and co-workers about statistical traits like turnover rates, rebounding percentages, defensive field-goal numbers and (of course) the strength of schedules of college basketball teams. ... Read It

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