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Cheese Dip Emergency Update

Is the Velveeta processed cheese shortage real or just a pathetic publicity stunt? Apparently, it’s real. At least that’s what the LA Times scribe, Jenn Harris notes in her story posted January 10, 2014: “Attention, Velveeta lovers: The cheesepocalypse is ... Read It

OMG It’s a Cheese Dip Emergency

While they’re not rioting in the streets…yet, there is much talk and deep concern about a shortage of a certain processed cheese brand. This fact, coupled with the impending cheese dip demand which occurs every Super Bowl Sunday, has forced many ... Read It

The Best Movies of 2013

As we noted in a previous blog post, the end of the year brings a fascination with the “Best of” the year. In the case of the movies released in 2013, there were an unusually large number of candidates. Some ... Read It

Happy New Year From Gordo’s

Don’t look now but they’re about to start singing Auld Lang Syne. Are you ready for the biggest party of the year? If not, read on because your friends at Gordo’s Cheese Dip have got you covered for pulling off ... Read It

The Best of 2013 – Words

With the end of the year comes the obligatory: “Best of the Year” lists. You know what we’re talking about: the best books, the best looking starlets, the best new restaurants, the best old restaurants, the best corn flakes…of 2013. ... Read It

Get Ready for More College Bowl Games

Now that the wrapping paper has all been recycled and you’ve posed for pictures in your Christmas sweater, socks, pajamas and Santa hat…then posted them on Facebook, it’s time for the serious business of the holidays. No, we’re not talking ... Read It

All About Santa

As you’re reading this edition of News from the Big Dipper, everyone’s favorite jolly ‘ol elf is either getting ready to make his annual trip or he’s already come and gone like the down on a thistle. Based on what ... Read It

Gordo’s Chosen the Official Cheese Dip of College Bowl Season

As sure as day follows night and Christmas follows Thanksgiving, the waning days of the year and the first few days of the New Year can only mean one thing – It’s bowl season!! These are the days when college ... Read It

Deck the Halls Part Deux

It’s that time of year again. We’ve moved into full-scale, all-hands-on-deck, batten-down-the-hatches holiday party mode! There’s no doubt, you’re either attending them or having them or both! If you’re planning a party in the next few days, your friends at ... Read It

Deck the Halls

Are you a holiday party animal? This time of year, it helps to be one. It’s a proven fact that some holiday parties are a lot more fun than others. After you’ve been to 6 or 7 of these Christmas ... Read It

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