Are You Ready for Some Tailgating

Our long wait for college and pro football is finally over. Football has become the most popular sport on the planet and part of the reason is the fact that it gives us an opportunity every Saturday and Sunday and even Monday to tailgate or couchgate with our friends and family. This is where Gordo’s Cheese Dip and this blog can help.

Experts who keep track of this kind of stuff, such as the Tailgating Industry Association (who knew there was an “association” of even an “industry?”) estimate that “tens of millions of people experience the tailgating experience every year.” If you’re one of those tens of millions, you need some ideas: about acting crazy (er), about ways to harass the other team’s fans, new innovations in the game of tailgatery and, most important, new ideas for tailgate recipes.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you plenty of advice on these subjects and besides being thoughtful and intelligent, many of them will be dangerous to your health. Well, so be it. If a little danger scares you…you’re not ready for serious tailgatery.

Planning is Crucial

Never underestimate the importance of a plan for either a game tailgate party or a couchgate party at the house. It’s absolutely critical to plan the work and work the plan, both in tailgating and life! The old days of just showing up at the parking lot on gameday morning with a grill and some charcoal went out with leather helmets and players named “Bronco” and “Crazy Legs.”

These days we need stuff and not just any stuff, but field-tested, often high-tech stuff. As a public service, Gordo’s presents some of the latest ways you can blow a few thousand bucks on essential tailgating equipment. Here are a few items that no self-respecting, tailgating lunatic should be without:

The Secret Binocular flask – This baby LOOKS like an innocent pair of binoculars, but it’s not.


Personalized Grillmaster Apron – You very own initials on this hard-working, must-have item for tailgating. And it’s only $42.




An iPod-ready, radio cooler (in camo, of course) – You gotta have tunes and a cooler at the tailgate and this little combo covers both for only $49.95.


A Gameday Football Field Portable Beer Pong Table – It’s not a tailgate without an enthusiastic beer pong game




A Portable Trunk Organizer and Cooler – This is a truly a great addition to you tailgate party. It allows you to keep all of the food organized and the cold stuff cold.

Deluxe Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster, Black –
After you get one of these babies you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. A complete six pack on your waist. Also available in camo. Classy!



A 3-in-1 Sliders Grill Basket, Bun Cutter, and Mini Burgers Press – Any items with “3-in-1” in its name, gets our attention. This one does everything but eat the sliders for you (that would make it a “4-in-1”)!


A Giant Portable Chair–
If you want to rise above all of the common folks at the party, what you need is a giant tailgating chair. This one even has a checkered flag! 

It’s All About the Food (and the Team)

While it’s fun to look at the amazing menagerie of tailgating equipment, every true tailgate aficionado knows that equipment doesn’t make the tailgate party successful – food does. A few adult beverages also help and of course, it doesn’t hurt if the team plays well too.

Gordo’s Cheese Dip has been a part of the serious tailgater’s repertoire since the beginning. It’s comes in convenient containers which most tailgaters carry around in their hands, just in case they come across something that needs dipping. This great dip is also perfect for combining with other foods to make a wide range delicious dips. For example, you might want to try these great dips recipes for your next tailgate or couchgate party.

You can also be a hit at your next tailgate party by preparing these easy-to-make, Gordo’s-inspired snacks:

Gordo’s Cheese Dip rocks the tailgate, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s a little video clip from a group of hardcore tailgaters giving their opinion on the best tailgate food on the planet. Just watch the crazy tailgaters consume serious quantities of Gordo’s!

Next time…more tailgating tricks and triumphs. Stay hungry my friends.

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