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Get Ready for Super Bowl

While it might be fun to be in the middle of all the hoopla of Super Bowl, most of us will be couchgating with our friends for this once-a-year bash. In many ways, this is a decidedly good thing. For example, ... Read It

It’s GRAMMY Time

For 56 years, the music industry has strutted its stuff on the annual GRAMMY Awards and this year the show falls on Sunday, January 26th.  In addition to showing off the best of all types of music, this awards show ... Read It

Cheese Dip Emergency Update

Is the Velveeta processed cheese shortage real or just a pathetic publicity stunt? Apparently, it’s real. At least that’s what the LA Times scribe, Jenn Harris notes in her story posted January 10, 2014: “Attention, Velveeta lovers: The cheesepocalypse is ... Read It

OMG It’s a Cheese Dip Emergency

While they’re not rioting in the streets…yet, there is much talk and deep concern about a shortage of a certain processed cheese brand. This fact, coupled with the impending cheese dip demand which occurs every Super Bowl Sunday, has forced many ... Read It